Clifford D. Cope Book Title
To explore the world and mind
Trial of Billy Ranhalt


Billy Ranhalt, an American in the prime of his life, has put himself on trial. He is struggling with one of the most difficult challenges one can face. There is the trial within himself as well as the trial society is putting him through. He is being tried for an injury or as some would say illness that can be found in every society in this world.  He is guilty before his trial even starts. His offense is almost invisible to himself as well as many others that suffer. The suffering is prominent in our society in the past few years with war veterans returning home. The suffering of veterans is nothing new to humans throughout the world. Billy Ranhalt's struggles are the same that many of your family or friends suffer from.  The intent of this story is to open the eyes and minds of people thus raising awareness and respect to those suffering as Billy did from an incurable but not untreatable suffering. The only cure Billy finds is death, which is carried out by those unwilling or failing to recognize his injury. Many Gulf War veterans and their families can make better decisions for a better outcome.