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Five Stars: Reminder of the past., November 20, 2009

By  Gene Hart "Dusty" (AR)

The book itself is not a literary masterpiece but that's not important. This detailed story of an ordinary military man dedicated to serving his country during wartime is insightful, eyeopening and thought provoking. However; this writer is not ordinary---he really wanted to serve his country and was eager to see action. There is much detail.

Look over the spelling, grammar and long paragraphs because it only makes it more realistic and down to earth for many of us. Besides-- I or not so good at englush and grammer me selff.

I served in Viet Nam and did in fact see many of the wonderful acts of heroism as described in this book. There were many who used the war as a stepping stone in their career without true feeling for why we were There. This book gives many details about behind the scene antics. Some are down right funny while others bring a sadness that covers the body and slows the mind.

It would be best if we had no wars. However; once thare win and get out. This book conveys a realistic message of how politics does not always support the fighting man once he is put in harms way. Lack of proper equipment--lack of organization-- in some cases lack of proper training and topped off with a few officers on a power trip. Its all here in this book.

He shares some thought provoking comments of women in combat and adds some humor to spice it all up. A person has to experience it to know the camaraderie, friendship and bonding that is a natural part of men and women helping each other to survive in this environment.

I has been difficult it times for me to look back on the war and think of the lives lost and friends shot down but this book was a reminder of why we need to stay out of war. I think most will enjoy the book---I did

5.0 out of 5 stars hard read, but if you are of the era - insightful, November 19, 2009
I got out of the service right before the first desert storm by about 6 months. had I known it was coming, i would have stayed in - the biggest thing I wanted was a college education - got that - the hardest thing about my time was the 'lack of a mission.'

this unit deployed from my home town, I happen to know the author, and it's really an insightful look at how things went pre/during/and post deployment. My service time tells me the details are real. My gut tells me the behind the scenes look at this mission says it probably was that crazy.

The "hard" part is just physically reading a paragraph that may go for 2,3,4, or even 5 pages. I took it as a challenge, but honestly I can't say as I ever ran up against a writing style like it - it's different that's for sure.

Outside of that, it's really 'brought me back' to my military service and made me appreciate what all our troops are doing for us - even if it seems crazy to them while they are doing it.

5.0 out of 5 stars Very interesting and detailed., October 29, 2009
An interesting look through a solider and commanders eyes. This book will really make you think. It reads as a historical and factual account but has many juicy details that leave you wondering.