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Clifford D. Cope is the author of  five adult historical fiction books and three children's books.  His recently published book, Desert MASH:A Religious War Dipped In Oil has been called intriguing, thought provoking and a true to life account of war veterans.  His children's book, Caleb The Mouse Engineer is a beloved children's book that teaches children the beneficial and handy applications of math and physics.  Caleb proves that although little you can still be mighty as long as you have a plan.  His next book to be published, Trial of Billy Ranhalt is a heart breaking tale of the trial Billy puts himself through.  Clifford Cope has many more stories to come and his unique writing style will have you counting the days until his next release.

About the Author

Clifford Cope was born and raised on a small ranch in Tecolote New Mexico in a very indigenous environment. As a child and teenager in New Mexico he spent his time working on the ranch, hunting and trapping for furs. For fun he enjoyed snow skiing and motorcycles. Although he received his degree in anthropology, his focus was in science and research. His family inspired his desire to work in the military. After eighteen years in the military, he was forced out due to a severe injury. The author will walk you through preparing for war. An evaluation of the politics within the military and and the impact they have during the war is a mind opening experience. In Desert MASH he illustrates how some humans crave war for the purpose of their own improvement in position as well as other motivations. and at times also just for a want to go to a war. The view of both enlisted soldiers as well as an officers are apparent. Clifford Cope earned four enlisted Military Operation Skills in the aviation, medical and field artillery areas. He branched in Field Artillery as an officer. His background paved the way for his study the human race. Following his character evaluations in Desert MASH, the evolutions of personalities and characters continues. In his book Trial of Billy Ranhalt, he demonstrates how one's life can be shattered by the acts of war and overlooked by society as well as friends and family. His book This Land is My Land takes on one of the earlist explorations of the New World with emphasis on the conflicts of human exploration. Besides his adult historical fiction books, he has also written three children's books, Caleb: The Mouse Engineer; Jackson's Numbers; and Maisy the Little Red Airplane.

Desert MASH: A Religious War Dripped in Oil:

War is one of the most serious if not the most serious adventures one can take in life. There are good times as well as bad times to be had. Within weeks of being envolved in Desert Storm the movie and television show of M.A.S.H. came to mind. One may look at that show as a comical show and at times it is. But war is not, yet we have sad as well as comic events that take place in war. War is necessary at times while at other times such a waste of humans, money and destruction of our world. Yet some humans seem likly to generate a war to get rich as well as somthing to brag about. However just as we blame politics for our wars we will also find just the regular old guy that wants a fight.